Sarvella: Where London's Grace Meets Global Traditions

Sarvella, founded by Sarah Vella, is a London-based interior design firm where Iraqi heritage meets British sophistication to create timeless spaces.


Design in Dimension: Sarvella's 3D Floorplans & More

At Sarvella, we blend the sophistication of London style with the rich heritage of Iraqi design to create spaces that are both elegant and deeply personal.

Our comprehensive suite of services, from detailed floorplans to bespoke furniture selection, is tailored to bring your vision to life with a unique fusion of contemporary chic and timeless tradition.

Elevate your interiors with Sarvella, where your design dreams meet our expertise.

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Interior Design

The core service that encompasses all aspects of transforming a space, integrating functionality, aesthetics, and client vision.

Space Planning

Essential for ensuring the efficient and practical use of space, serving as the foundation for all subsequent design decisions.

3D Floorplan

Enhances the floorplan service by offering a more immersive, visual representation of the space, aiding decision-making.


Offers a photorealistic view of the final design, important for finalizing design elements before implementation.

Lighting Design

Vital for setting the mood, functionality, and ambiance of the space, influencing both aesthetics and energy efficiency.

Furniture Selection

Directly impacts the comfort, usability, and style of the interior, making it central to the design’s success.

Colour Coordination

Affects the visual harmony and emotional tone of the space, critical for achieving a cohesive aesthetic.

Smart Home Integration

Represents an increasingly important aspect of modern interiors, blending technology with comfort and convenience.

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